A film by Shelly Silver

Produced by Karin Chien

Teri Chan, Nina Lam

Jeremy Chien, Lu Yu

Lu Yu, Wai Ching Ho, Johnson Chong

Sound Mix
Ian Stynes, Great City Productions

Color Correction
John Vladic, Deluxe New York

Tim Bell, Ed Bowes, Nancy Bulalacao, Cheng Hong Chen, KK Chen, Choi Ping Chin, Deanna Cao, Cassandra Guan, Charles Lai, Baayork Lee, Yue Ma, Marc Silver, Ann Sun, Wendy Tong, Jenny Tran, Doreen Wang, Sam Whitsitt, NY Chinatown Senior Citizen Coalition Center

Archival Material
The National Archives
Museum of Chinese in America

Commissioned by the Museum of Chinese in America for The Chinatown Film Project